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Overview Of 2013 Scholastic Tournament Registration Process

12/03/2012, 1:45pm EST
By Kevin Leveille



The following is an overview of the registration process for the 2013 scholastic tournament, which will be held Monday August 5 – Wednesday, August 7, 2013. We will publish a similar overview for the adult tournament in December.


1.       Boy’s Divisions are invitation only: With the boy’s divisions being completely full in 2012, registration in the 2013 tournament will be by invitation only. We are planning for 16 team divisions in U-19, U-18 Gold, U-18 Silver, and U-16 Boys. Some teams from the U-19 wait list will be added to the invitation list as the division grows to 16 teams in 2013.

2.       Girl’s 2014-2016 Division is both invitation and open registration: Because there are openings in the Girls 2014-2016 division, there will be a combination of invitations and open registration for this division. We are prepared to accommodate 16 teams and expect to issue 8-10 invitations.

3.       Potential for Girl’s 2017-2018 Division: We have had requests for the addition of a Girls 2017-2018 division. We are prepared to accommodate 8 teams in this division if there is sufficient interest. This division will have an open registration which will be closed when 8 teams have registered. Because there is some uncertainty about this division, all deposits made will be fully refundable until we are certain that we have sufficient teams to run this division. Preliminarily, we believe that a minimum 6 team field will be sufficient to roll out this age group.

4.       Competition Format: Each team will play five games consisting of two 25-minute running time halves. In most cases, there will be two games Monday, two games Tuesday and one game on Wednesday.

5.       Player Eligibility: The following are the age eligibility requirements for 2013:

a.       19-U Boys:   all players must be 19 or younger on 8/31/13 and are not required to have remaining high school eligibility (can be collegiate players)

b.      18-U Boys:  all players must be 18 or younger on 8/31/13 and must have remaining high school eligibility; no college bound players are permitted

c.       U-16 Boys: all players must be 15 or younger on 8/31/13; no 16 year old players will be permitted

d.      Girls 2014-2016: all players must be 18 or younger on 8/31/13 and must have remaining high school eligibility with graduation in 2014 -2016; no college bound players are permitted

e.      Girls 2017-2018: all players must be 15 or younger on 8/31/13 and must have remaining high school eligibility with graduation in 2017 -2018

6.       Registration Timeline: Invitations will be sent electronically on or about December 1, 2012. Deposits will be due by February 1, 2013 and payment in full will be due by May 1, 2013.

7.       On-Line Registration of Teams and Players Required: All Scholastic division registration will be paperless in 2013 and will be completed on-line including payment of entry fees and development of team rosters. This will require each player to individually register at the team’s secured web page on our web site. Registration instructions will be included with invitations to enter and will also be available in the forms section of our web site.

8.       US Lacrosse Membership Required: All participants (players and coaches) in the 2013 scholastic tournament will be required to be current members of US Lacrosse. For non-US teams and players, we will require a valid certificate of insurance naming Lake Placid Lacrosse and others as additional insured.

9.       2013 Fees: The entry fee for U-19 Boys will be $1,600, and for all other scholastic divisions the entry fee will be $1,500. The non-refundable deposit for each division will be $500.

On behalf of our entire team at Lake Placid Lacrosse, we want to thank you for your participation in our tournament. Please look for information updates on our web site in the weeks ahead and of course, please look for your invitation by e-mail on or about December 15, 2013. If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line at

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